Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sketchbook Sunday

One of the regular features on our blog will be Sketchbook Sunday. Participating artists will give you a peek inside their sketchbooks. It may be something they are working on that week or it could be something from the deep, dark past that they dug out just for fun. These aren't finished drawings and a lot of times will be very rough but we hope it will give people interested in our art some insight into how we work. This week we have four artists who have opened their sketchbooks for us, without further ado, here they are.

"Sketching what's on my mind.
Thinking I should probably be doing the laundry."

"Planning a new painting all about the famous Alice!"

"This a sketch for a possible mural I will be doing for a boy's room."

"I thought about making some doll images and since I´ve always been fascinated by the quirkiness of string puppets I started to make some sketches.
My first pencil doodles are usually quickly replaced by some ink tries before I decide to use an idea and to redraw it on nicer paper. That is why my sketches miss the roughness of pencil doodles.

I think I like the left one and will probably finish it digitally, since very often the first sketches turn out to be the best."

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